I LOVE DUNCNEY!!! My Otp is Duncney

Every guy wants a goog girl to be bad just for him.
Every girl wants a bad guy to be good just for her.


Poll Time!


Okay, since this still seems to be important to the TD fandom, I’m gonna do it. Reblog if you prefer Duncney, and Like if you prefer Gwuncan. K, bye.

Anonymous asked: Some feedback on your blog layout. I can't read any of your text because of your background. If you changed it to a lighter colour, it would be more user friendly. Much love, another tumblr user. <3

I might Change it this weekend. Thank you for telling me(:

Anonymous asked: How often do you check the duncney section on fanfiction?

A lot, almost everyday. But I usually just reread my favorites. :)

Happy Easter everyone :)

Anonymous asked: Draw Tianaveen in bunny costumes pls.



"Ehh, what is up doctor?"



if u dont think tiana is the prettiest disney princess then wtf